Mail server
See some of the features of our mail server.


On our servers, we use the best mail servers suitable only for windows hosting environment.

From Mailenable and Smartemail.

They are the most reliable and secure mail servers with unique attributes, as stated below.

Written in .net environment, they can be used from simple installation (single server) up to large-scale installations with cluster and failover servers.

They include webmail with ajax controls (drag and drop) between folders, enhanced security, calendar with reminders, comprehensive and detailed contacts with archiving and classification into groups etc., RSS Feedbacks to receive daily news interesting to you and detailed reports for each mailbox or collectively for all your domain.

Incorporated with an Antivirus which database is updated daily with new virus definitions.
Our Servers antivirus scans online and in real time all the traffic in the server's incoming and outgoing emails and attachments. If a virus is detected we have the option to inform the sender and the email recipient or completely delete the email, protecting the user and the entire server. The antivirus our mail servers use is ClamAV (

Our mail server also integrate spam protection (anti spam).
Nowadays unwanted emails are a growing problem. With the best antispam program that our mail server use (spamassassin) you will receive emails with up to 97% less unwanted (spam) messages. There we have the option either to inform us that this message is spam or to delete it completely.

One of the strongest features of our mail server, is that you can synchronize your emails , contacts, calendar, tasks and notes with your mobile devices such as smartphones or your laptop.
Synchronization is available with devices from the following brands:

iPhone, Andoid, palm, blackberry, outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Mobile

You also have the option to migrate your email from another email provider such as:
  • Gmail
  • Hotmail
  • Yahoo!
  • Windows Live
  • General mail server (must have IMAP support)