New domain names


New domain names suffixes are now available

Apart from the usual suffixes that we all know (.com, .gr, .eu ...) now there are new available suffixes, which are indicative of the content of a website. With the new extensions, the user knows in advance the content of the site to be visited.

It is about the suffixes : .domains, .computer, .repair, .support, .email, .systems, .technology, .voyage, .holiday, .international, .education, .institute, .solutions, .marketing, .academy, .kitchen, .recipes, .coffee, .house, .land, .today, .diamonds, .careers, .tips, .photos, .company, .management, .center, .photography, .directory, .enterprises, .solar, .construction, .contractors, .builders, .training, .cab, .camp, .glass, .shoes, .florist and .limo

Be the first to register a new domain suffix (new gTLDs) and take advantage of the opportunity to register a very "strong" domain name.
The new gTLDs give companies the opportunity to gain greater control over their corporate image on the Internet and to increase their presence on it.

See here all the available domain name suffixes we support

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