High Availability VPS 99.99% Service level / year.


Virtual server with 99.95% SLA

For very critical applications where even 1 minute downtime is not an option, purchase a High availability VPS.
Our high availability vps are hosted at Microsoft azure cloud. Shared in multiple datacenters around the world and distributed in continents , it is practically impossible for your server to fail.

Όνομα πακέτου CPU cores RAM Hard disk OS Price / month
Basic A1 1 1,75gb 40gb Windows server 50€
Basic A2 2 3,5gb 60gb Windows server 65€
Basic A3 4 7gb 120gb Windows server 190€
Standard A3 4 7gb 285gb Windows server 230€
Standard A4 8 14gb 605gb Windows server 450€
Standard A5 2 14gb 135gb Windows server 200€
Standard A8 8 56gb 382gb Windows server 1450€
The following VPS packages (D series), use solid state hard drives (SSD) and 60% faster processors.
They are ideal for applications that require faster processors, maximum speed hard disks and greater demands on memory (RAM).
Standard D2 2 7gb 100gb SSD Windows server 190€
Standard D3 4 14gb 200gb SSD Windows server 370€
Standard D4 8 28gb 400gb SSD Windows server 770€
Standard D14 16 112gb 800gb SSD Windows server 1630€
The following packages (G series) include Intel® Xeon® E5 v3 processors , more RAM, and larger SSD hard drives.They provide incredible computing performance and speed that makes them ideal for your most demanding applications.
Standard G1 2 28gb 384gb SSD Windows server 460€
Standard G3 8 112gb 1536gb SSD Windows server 2160€
Standard G4 16 224gb 3072gb SSD Windows server 4150€

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