VPS more specifications


More VPS details
  • Installation free of charge.
    There is no extra cost for the installation and configuration of a Virtual Server.
  • Control Panel.
    We provide you with control panel for managing your server such as (Power On, backup management and DVD drive, etc.)
  • Online Backup-Restore.
    Make a backup of your server whenever and as many times as you want. You can choose to backup specific files or the entire server hard disk. Eg (before you install a program for which you are not sure, take a full backup of your server hard drive , so in case something goes wrong you can restore it).
  • Easy upgrade.
    Start working your server with relatively little RAM, CPU and hard disk to avoid high costs. Later, as your needs increase, you can easily upgrade the server, without losing data and with minimum down-time (1-2 minutes maximum).
  • Operating system (OS).
    Get your server ready with an operating system installed and parameterized by us or install your own operating system. You can even format the hard disk in order to use your own programs and files or to split it into partitions.
  • Instant delivery.
    Once you make an order for your server, you will have it available to use in only a few minutes.
  • Free Demo.
    Before you buy your server, you can test it to see for yourself the quality of service that our VPS can offer you.

Call us to obtain and to directly test your own server for a few days, absolutely free and with absolutely no obligation.